Interactive Flow Ring

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Interactive 3D Shaped Flow Ring

The Interactive Flow Ring is for those who like bending, rolling, and spinning. The possibilities are for sure infinite! Add a few fun using your own bracelet and lessen away your anxiety nightmare in an instant.
The Interactive Flow Ring is made of high quality and super-elastic stainless steel, so it will stretch, and adapt to how you want to use it. You can use this as a bracelet to play with during times of heightened stress. Impress your friends and family by showing them various tricks off your sleeve! Now everywhere you go, you can have real fun if you wear this Interactive Flow Ring.

INSTANT SMILES – New Mesmerizing Kinetic Spring – Feel it spiral down your arms like a magic bubble. Theapeutic Game, MASSAGE FEELING.

FUN & EASY – Flow Movement Activity – Dance Solo or Pass it around. Magical Illusion. Climbs down ropes & sticks! Cosmic spheres like a tornado gyroscope. 

HIGHEST QUALITY – A single strand of Dynamic Steel – Fidget Spinners don’t compare! 

SENSORY PLAY – Improves co-ordination.

ACTIVE, CALMING and TACTILE – Tickles & Stimulates Nerves

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